Sulphuric Bath from Balneomed

Pleasant aroma

Cost effective to use

Long shelf life

There are no traces of
in the bath after use 

Sulphuric Bath from Balneomed

It has anti-inflammatory and soothing effect on skin diseases. It is used for rheumatic complaints.

Active ingredients: Sulfur precipitated (pharm),

Dosage: Fill the bathtub with warm water, then add 100 ml of concentrate and spread it under running water to the total volume of the bath (150-200l).

Water temperature: 35-37 °С

Duration of treatment: 15-20  min.

Dimensions of packaging: 1L, 10L.

Еffects of: Precipitated sulfur is not soluble in water and distributed into the water in the form of particles which penetrate the skin and form deposits gradually penetrate further into the structure (binding tissue - ligaments, cartilage, tendons, etc.), providing a beneficial effect in inflammatory diseases skin and rheumatic complaints. Therefore, most take for rheumatic complaints, allergies and skin problems, including for the maintenance treatment of neurodermatitis, accelerating the processes of skin regeneration.


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